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Frequently Asked Questions

The shipping time is between 3 to 14 days, depending on the Sex Robot and the options you picked.

You also need to add 1-2 weeks for the preparation of your Sex Robot before we ship her.

It may seem long but each Robot is hand made, unique, and tested before shipping to ensure that there are no electronic system flaws.

Shipping is free in US, UK and Europe, and tax duties are taken care of before your Robot Partner is shipped. No hidden fees.

If at any given time you were to pay additional fees for whatever reason, we commit ourselves to refund you the extra fee after presentation of the invoice.

For any other countries, please send us a message and we will come back to you.

After your Robot Partner is shipped, we will send you the tracking number so you can track your order easily.
Most of our orders in the US and Europe are delivered by our partner UPS. Depending where you live, the delivery can also be made by DHL or FedEx.

Yes ! At My Sex Robot we make a point to respect our customer's privacy. Therefore, the courrier will never know what's inside the package.

In top of that, there is no mention of Sex Robot, Sex Doll or whatsoever on the package.

If you want to be deliver in a Post office or UPS center, please message us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • Credit cards : All major credits cards are accepted. We use Stripe and Paypal to provide safe payment.
  • Paypal : You can choose to pay with your Paypal account. It is a great honor to be fully trusted by Paypal, the world leading online payment processor.
  • Bank transfer : We accept bank transfers. To do so, just complete your order by choosing "Bank Transfer" as payment option, and you will receive all the informations by mail to complete it.

Yes ! We use Paypal and Stripe, two world leading payment processors, to make sure all your data are encrypted and safe when you place order.

The SSL certificat is represented by the little padlock next to the URL of the web navigator. It also confirms the safety our website.

There are several reasons that may cause your payment to fail :

  • It may be caused by a slow internet, we invite you to refresh the page and try again, or maybe change navigator (If you are currently using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome, and vice-versa)
  • Before completed the purchase you may need to confirm with your bank via text or on your bank's application.
  • If it still doesn’t work, please check with your bank as you may have a payment ceiling.

If nothing seems to work, you can still contact us at We will do our best to help you.

Nothing simpler : 

  • Choose your Robot Partner and all the options you want her to have, such as the color of her skin, type of hair, hand nails... 
  • Click on "Add to Cart",  then "Checkout"
  • Enter your informations, such as address, email, etc...
  • Choose your payment method ( Credit card, Paypal or Bank Transfer)

And that's it ! Your order is completed and your Robot Partner will be at your door in 2 to 3 week :)

Yes ! All our Sex Robots use the same body and joints. That means that if you want the body of Erika, with the face of Stacey (and vice-versa) or any other Sex Robot in our catalog, it is possible. 

Just send us an email at and we will explain you how to do it.

Yes ! Just send us an email at, and tell us what exactly do you want on your Robot Partner.

Our main goal is to make you happy, so if the customisation you asked is possible, we will be pleased to do it. Don't hesitate to contact us.

You have 24 hours to cancel your order. After that time, we are already working on creating your Robot Partner, so cancellations are not possible.

After 24 hours no changes or cancellations will be accepted as we begin working on your order.

Order cancellations within the 24 hours will incur a 150$ fee (Processing and transaction fee)

Due to the nature of the products, for hygienic and safety precautions, we can not accept returns. All sales are final.

However, if there is a manufacturing flaw, we will be happy to send you replacement parts, and will do whatever is in our power to make you satisfied.

To carry your Robot Partner, the best way is to carry her like a bride : One hand behind the knees, the other hand supporting the back.

All our Sex Robots are equipped with last generation articulated Skeleton. That allows you to do pretty much every positions in the book : Doggy style, 69... You name it !

Therefore, if you had a favourite position with your ex girlfriend, be reassured that your Robot Partner will also be able to do it !

After use, the body can be cleaned quite easily, with water and soap.

My Sex Robot also provides a Cleaning Kit for each purchase, which contains a cleaning pump to clean the private parts.

The wig of you Sex Robot is not washable in machine, but its pretty easy to wash it by hands, with water and soap, just like the body.

For each purchase, a spare set of finger nails and toes and nail glue is provided. 

First, take the broken nail of the hand. Then take the nail glue and put some on the new nail provided in your package. Just insert the nail on the finger at the right place, and you're all good !

All our Sex Robot use Medical TPE, the best TPE on the market. It is more flexible, more comfortable, and softer than normal TPE. 

M-TPE also has twice more elasticity, and therefore is less subject skin abrasions or to be torn tears than normal TPE.

It is also Non-Toxic so there is no chance of any health risks, or being allergic. 

We have never had any problems or bad feedback of any of our customers about an allergy or a health issue.

So be reassured, you can sleep with your Robot Partner and cuddle at night without any risks !

For every Sex Robot we create, we use M-TPE, which is odourless.  If you want your Robot Partner to smell good, you can use parfume, or fruity lubricant in the private parts.

Sex feels amazing with a Sex Bot ! Nothing to do with the old blow up dolls. With Sex bots you get the most realistic bodies and sensations ever created. 

Combined that with the internal heating, and talking/moaning, and you get the closest imitation ever made to a real woman.