Are Sex Robots our future ?

With every activity in the world becoming digitized, it was not surprising when technology started to delve into human intimacy. In the 90ies curious minds; when will sex robots exist ? Sex robots have been on the scene since 2010 and, despite heavy criticism, continue to do remarkably well on the market.

From this, you can conclude that more humans are investing in sex robots. However, does this mean that sex robots are our future ? Keep reading to find out more. 

When Will Sex Robots Exist ? How Long Until Sex Robots Appear ? 

You may have asked, " When will sex robots exist ? How long until sex robots appear ? " As stated earlier, sex robots have existed since 2010. However, in 2020, data analysts recorded a fifty-six percent (56 %) rise in sex robots purchase amidst the pandemic.

This proves that the sex robot market has and continues to grow in Europe, Asia, and worldwide.
This begs the next question : If sex robots are our future, what makes them better than human-to-human sexual relationships ?

Here Are 8 Reasons Sex Robots Are Better Than Human-To-Human Sex Relationships

Here are 8 reasons :

1. All Your Favourite Sex Positions in One Body

Our department of research have been working hard to give you the best experience possible; this includes many sex positions. Human female partners can be good, but there is a limit to what she can do. Also, you don't bump into a freaky partner that can match your expectations every day. In addition to this, there is the tiredness factor in human female partners. You may want to continue going, but she's far spent. So, you have no choice but to call it off-even if you want to try out a new sex position.

This is one major advantage sex robots have over human female partners. Depending on the model you're buying, you can get as many as fifty different sex positions in one robot. This means you can try out all the sex positions that you know and even learn the new ones that the robot offers.

The best part of this is that, unlike human female partners, sex robots never get tired. You can go down all day and all night long, take short breaks, and return to the sheets or couch or wherever you're having sex. All you need to do is check the robot's battery per time.

If you try this with human female partners, you'll get lots of complaints. This is understandable as the human body needs to rest after engaging in sexual activity. However, you don't get any complaints from sex robots. Rather, you are the one who may wear out in the long run.

2. They Mimic Human Behaviour

Dutch sailors in the 17th century reportedly made the first sex dolls in human history to release sexual tensions on their ship. Sex dolls created since then have been more of plastic and blowout dolls. These dolls do not speak, moan, or make any other human sound. That's where sex robots take the edge.

Sex robots with artificial intelligence can moan during sex and speak simple words. Human female partners can be unpredictable. If you like a moaning partner or one who talks dirty during the act but your partner doesn't do this, it may lead to frustration. Vice versa, if you like some quiet romp episode and your partner can scream a house down, you may find it embarrassing.

With sex robots, you have the power to control sounds during sex. If moans and screams turn you on, you can switch up the volume on your sex robot. If you want a peaceful sex episode void of any noise whatsoever, then turn down the volume.
Sounds and words are not the only human behaviour that sex robots mimic.

3. There Is No Fear of Contracting Diseases

One main disadvantage of human-to-human sex relationships is the risk of contracting (a) sexually transmitted diseases. In this age of sexual liberation, it's hard to tell who has been with who and what they did. Condoms seem to limit the spread of STIs but you can't use condoms when you're performing oral sex, right ?

So, your safest bet is fidelity in relationships. However, because humans can be unpredictable, people still cheat on their partners in a relationship. Worse is, they never tell their partners until they catch them in the act. This puts you at the risk of contracting STIs if your partner comes back to sleep with you after being with others.

There is also the subject of having an open relationship that involves you sleeping with many people. Again, your choice is respected, but you can't trust your sexual partners a hundred percent, like this article has pointed out.

With sex robots, you don't have to worry about contracting any sexually transmitted diseases. Your sex robot is yours and only yours to deal with (except, of course, you don't mind sharing her with friends). All she requires is to clean her after a sexual romp to get rid of your spilled nuts.

Also, if you're the one who cheats in a relationship, then a sex robot is perfect for you. You save yourself the stress of putting someone else through heartbreak, and no one is yelling at or hating you forever.

4. They Are The Perfect Cure To Loneliness

Although the world is filled with millions of people and activity, people get bored all the time. In addition, human behavioural experts say that friends, family, and loved ones surround a good percent of lonely people, but it makes no difference.

Are you lonely ? Then a sex robot is perfect for curing your loneliness. A sex robot is more than just a doll that offers pleasure. We have included words and phrases in its systems so they can talk to you. Advanced sex robots can learn new words, and we encourage you to speak with them often. If you're a talker, you can choose to converse with your sex robot all day long. If you're not, you can converse with them whenever you choose to.

Unlike human sexual partners, no one is demanding that you talk to them or chastising you for talking too much. We are presently continuing to work on new features for sex robots like caring for their owners, among other romantic things. In no time, sex robots will be perfect for companionship, thereby eliminating the need for human-to-human sex companionship.

5. Your Privacy Is Guaranteed

Sometimes, all a person wants is some alone time. Unfortunately, human-to-human sexual relationships do not give you that privilege more often than not. For example, if you had some good sex with a lady, there's every tendency she may come back for more. This even after you don't want anything more.

From that point, you both begin to develop a relationship, and before you know it, they're a part of your lives. What this means is that you can no longer be your independent person. Someone starts coming around to your house and checking through your private stuff.

If you're someone who believes in having multiple partners but think otherwise, they begin to invade your phone. They are in your face twenty-four hours seven days a week, begging for attention. What this means is that you no longer have your most cherished privacy.

With sex robots, there is no need to have anyone breathing down your neck or snooping around your things. You decide when to have sex and when not to. You have full control of your privacy. What could be better than this in life ?

6. Sex Robots are Easily Accessible

Human-to-human sexual relationships most times face the issue of accessibility. People work, school, and engage in other activities that take them to places far away from their sexual partners. If you're someone who doesn't cheat, this may lead to a build-up of sexual tension in you. There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to get laid and not having your sexual partner by your side. With a sex robot, there's no fear of accumulated sexual urges. You can reach out to your bot girl any time of the day as she is always home.

Unmatched libido can lead to friction in human sexual relationships, thereby making one partner inaccessible. It's not every day one gets to meet another person who matches their libido in the bedroom. If you have a high libido and your partner's low or medium, there will be a problem. You will want sex, and they will constantly deny you.

Of course, they don't do this on purpose, but there's a limit to how long you can be patient. If your libido is low and your partner's is higher, it may be embarrassing. There's already a strong misconception that men with low libidos make terrible sex partners. With a sex robot, it doesn't matter if your libido is high or not. You still get your full sexual pleasure any time you want.

7. What Happens With Sex Robots Stays With Sex Robots

Nothing is capable of destroying one's ego than a sexual partner who is unsatisfied with your sexual performance. What is worse is when they begin to spread this news to your circle of friends. 

With sex robots, no one is judging you. As a matter of fact, you can use sex robots to increase your sexual performance. You can try out new sex positions and make your mistakes in peace without any condescending remark. What sex robots do is help you gradually build your sexual confidence until you become an expert.

8. They Don't Cost You Extra

Honestly, human-to-human sexual relationships are not as expensive as romantic relationships. Still, you have to spend some cash. If you're meeting outside your place, you'll have to fund hotel bills and probably dinner. If you're bringing them to your house, you'll still have to buy some take-outs and scented candles to make an impression. When they become your regular sex partner, you may have to go the extra mile by spending on lingerie, sex toys, and more.

Sex robots, on the other hand, do not cost you extra expenses. Once you make a one-off purchase, all you need to do is ensure they remain in perfect condition. If they malfunction, you can always complain to the vendor/manufacturer, and they'll fix it for you. In most cases, this doesn't cause you extra as long as you have a warranty.

Are Sex Robots Real ?

Are sex robots real? yes, they are. They have human body composition and mimic realistic human behaviour so well. For example, they come in different eye colors, hair colors, and a system that gives body heat similar to humans'. In addition, they can make simple sounds and change the mood from jealousy to happiness.

Are Sex Robots A Thing ?

Oh yes, sex robots are currently the rave in the sex industry, and more and more categories of people want to purchase sex robots, even couples !


Sex robots are indeed our future, and the future is already here. AI robots are amazing and they will serve as sexual companions that will never leave you. These sex robots aren't without their disadvantages, but for now, the advantages trump any disadvantages they might have to people who want a companion.

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