Do Sex Robot Brothels exist ?

Since sex robots are available for purchase, you may be wondering if sex robot brothels exist or not. The answer to that is yes, they do, and you can find them in many countries all over the world. This article will introduce you to what a sex robot brothel is and what you should expect. Furthermore, we will show you the different ones worldwide and how much they charge.

What Is A Sex Robot Brothel ?

In simple words, this is an establishment where people go to have sex with female robots. These brothels, just like human brothels, the female sex robots come in all types of sizes and shapes. Similarly, we discovered there are steps you must take before you can have a sex robot for the night. When you approach the cashier, they'll ask you how many minutes or hours you want to spend. The duration you give the cashier will determine how much they will charge you. Depending on the brothel you patronize, you can pay as low as $80 to as high as $200. Also, as with a human brothel, you get to decide what sex services you want in your sex robot. In addition to this, you can choose what sex robots you want-whether it's one with artificial intelligence or one without AI.

According to our research, the sex robots in these brothels are so lifelike some customers may start falling in love with them. We strongly advise you not to fall in love with a sex robot you meet at a brothel. Why ? Because you can't whisk her home. As technology continues to advance, men will be able to seduce newer sex robot models.

Also, during our research, we found out that female sex robots aren't the only ones available in brothels. Although female sex robots are the more popular types, there are male sex robots available for customers. Also, to an extent, you may find transgender sex robots in a brothel. These types of robots come with detachable genitalia. For instance, you can remove a female sex robot's vagina and insert a penis in there.

Similarly, you can take out the penis of a male sex robot and replace it with a vagina. The downside to this is that transgender sex robots are not as popular as female or male sex robots. This is because sex robots do not come in two different types of genitalia.

Fun Facts About Sex Robots Brothel

One fun fact about these brothels is that single or divorced men are not the only ones who patronize them. Some married men (or men in committed relationships) fancy threesomes patronize these brothels and their partners. However, not all married men's partners will follow them into the brothel. Some of them will simply sit and wait in the car while their husbands do their business.

Another fun fact about this is the way the brothel owners present their dolls. With human female sex workers, customers want something that can appeal to their eyes. Similarly, the brothel owners dress their sex robots in different lingerie and colorful wigs. Some of these brothels also encourage their customers to bring their own clothes to dress the robots in. This way, the customer feels in charge.

Now that you're familiar with what a sex robot brothel is, we will show you the different ones all over the world. We will also tell you how much they charge and who founded them.


Moscow in Russia is also home to another of these brothels. This brothel opened up in 2018, and its main target was people coming to watch the World Cup. The brothel offers five sex robots, namely Isilel, Natasha, Lolita, Sasha, and Alise. These sex robots are bilingual as they can speak both Chinese and English. According to Dmitry Alexandrov, he founded the brothel because a good percent of Russian men were not thriving in their sex lives. Furthermore, he said the brothel would allow the men to do what they want without judgment.

How Much Does This Brothel Charge ?

Each sex robot attracts a £60 hourly charge while the rooms at the brothel can go for as high as £29.50. These rooms have different themes, from fantasy to dungeon, intending to spice up the experience. Also, the rooms have flat-screen TVs that show adult movies. These are for those looking for another form of entertainment before or after a session. After use, the brothel staff pick up the robot and disinfect her to minimize the risk of infection.

According to our research, each doll has its individual personality, making them appeal more to customers. For example, Alise is the wild one who loves to experiment; Lolita is self-sufficient and relaxed, Natasha is shy, and Sasha is a boss lady, while Isilel is a sweet little flower. Our research further showed that those who patronized the place loved it as the robots are lifelike and can orgasm. Despite criticism, the brothel continues to attract many customers.

Germany's Bordoll

In 2017, the world received the news of Germany's Bordoll. Evelyn Schwarz, a twenty-nine-year-old former prostitute herself, was the one who founded the company and named it Bordoll. According to her, she coined the name Bordoll from the word bordello and doll. The sex dolls, which she imported from Asia, total about 14 in number as of the brothel's debut. Among these sex dolls are 13 females and only one male. According to our research, each robot cost Evelyn's brothel up to €2000. Of course, we cannot say if this includes shipping price but judging by how expensive sex dolls can be, and we won't be surprised if it didn't. The weight of each doll was 30kg, and they each their individual names.

Despite the heavy criticism that followed the announcement of the brothel's opening, Evelyn said she received so many customers. A naysayer may think that people only patronized the brothel out of curiosity and not because they wanted to. On the contrary, we discovered that Evelyn's customers increased daily and that a good seventy percent of those customers were repeating customers. If someone likes your service the first time, they come back to patronize you. Much to the surprise of the critics, this is what happened in Evelyn's brothel.

How Much Does the Sex Brothel Charge?

As we have stated before in this article, sex robot brothels charge you based on the duration you spend with the robot. At Bordoll, the charge is €50 for half an hour and €80 for a full hour. This is a standard fee that covers all the sex dolls in the brothel. Each sex robot comes with unique features, different breast sizes, different hair colors, different heights, etc. Thus, customers have the freedom to choose whichever one they fancy. In addition to this, the brothel allows customers to bring outfits they would like to style the dolls in.

According to Evelyn, men of different ages patronize her brothel. In addition to this, some married men patronize the brothel with their wives. These women wait for them outside the brothel. Bordoll has so many customers that people book their dolls for up to twelve sessions daily. After a customer uses a robot, the brothel staff takes it out and cleans them to prepare them for the next customer.

The United Kingdom's Lovedoll UK

There are parts in the UK where human brothels are not allowed to operate. Yet, one man has successfully opened the first and biggest sex robot brothel in the UK. According to what we discovered, the owner, 40-year-old Graham, states that his brothel has attracted many customers. Indeed, his customer in-flow is so high that human female sex workers are afraid that the dolls will put them out of business. However, unlike other brothels, this brothel works differently. They allow you to purchase a sex doll, but you have to try it out first. After that, it is up to you to decide what type of "trying out" you wish to do: cuddles, kisses, or sex. After that, you're free to take the doll home as the proud new owner.

How Much Does Lovedoll UK Charge ?

For customers to have private moments with the sex robots before purchasing, they have to make a deposit of £100. Then, if they like what they see, they can go ahead to purchase the robot for £2000. However, if they don't want to, they can simply leave after their private moment.

Lovedoll UK brothel attracts customers mainly because of its well-furnished and elegant rooms. They also provide condoms and lubrication for customers whether they brought theirs in or not.

Interestingly, men are not the only customers at this brothel. During our research, we found out that women also purchase these dolls for their men. Why ? You may wonder. According to Graham, some of these men are cheats, and their wives would rather they did it with sex robots than other women. However, this development has also given Graham a new idea. Since his customer base consists of both men and women, he is starting to purchase male sex robots for his female clients.

France's Xdolls

In February 2018, Xdolls, a sex doll brothel, came on the scene. As soon as it did, it received fierce opposition from different activist groups. Yet, the brothel received favor from the police as they said it was not illegal. Joachim Lousquy is the brothel owner, and according to our research, the customer base consists mostly of single men. Still, it gets visits from couples as well.

Since the brothel is receiving much criticism, its location in Paris is secret. However, this brothel has some drawbacks. We found out that the house only has three sex dolls, namely Sophia, Kim, and Lily. This is quite a low number for a sex doll brothel. Also, all the dolls come in one height: they are 4 feet 7 inches. Yet, the brothel receives many customers daily.

How Much Does It Cost To Patronize This Brothel ?

According to our research, customers first have to book online before having their sessions with the robots. When they have done that successfully, they will receive the address to the brothel's location. A session with the sex robots cost about €89 for one hour, and that is for only one doll.

After use, the brothel staff clean up the dolls and sterilize them to prevent germs. According to our research, Joachim plans to expand his business to Italy.

Spain's Lumi Dolls

Although the last on our list, Spain is the first country where sex robot brothels began. The one in this country is called Lumi Dolls has only four sex robots: Yoko, Kati, Leiza, and Kanda. These dolls all have three different role play looks that customers can choose from. The catch about these sex robots is that customers can fulfill their wildest sexual desires without fear or judgment. We gathered that the owners of this brothel built their sex robots into total submission so that men have the freedom to do as they please. Although activist groups have expressed their disagreement about "total submission", the brothel continues to get many customers.

How Much Does This Brothel Charge ?

Customers are free to ask for the type of outfits they want their robots to wear during booking sessions. The charge for an hour is €120. After the booking is complete, the brothel staff leads the customers to a well-furnished private room with a plasma TV. The sex robot arrives shortly after. One unique feature of this brothel is that they offer home services. Indeed, some clients may be shy for others to see them at one of these brothels. So, Lumi Dolls can bring the sex robots to your home for a $275 fee.


So, yes, sex robot brothels exist. now you know the different sex robot brothels available all over the world. Thanks to this article, you may even find one in your city. Better still, you can buy a sex robot doll for your personal use, don't hesitate to check our collection by clicking here.

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