How to use a Sex Robot

If you've been paying attention to the sex toys manufacturing industry, then you must have noticed the increased popularity of sex robots. No doubt, there is still a lot of controversy regarding sex robots but this shouldn't stop you from learning about it if you like it.

This article will show you how to use a sex robot. Also, you will learn the most common features of a sex robot, how a sex robot works, and how to have sex with a robot. 

Features of A Sex Robot

A sex robot comprises mainly of body parts, aesthetics, and its costumes. All of these together give it that finished sexy appearance.

Sex Robot's Body Parts

The body parts of sex robots are as follows :


One of the major (and perhaps, most important) features of a sex robot's body parts is its vagina. Our department of research have gone true a lot of experiments in order to make the vaginas the closest imitation ever made of a real woman's vagina. 

Sex robots' vaginas have two options : there are some with public hair and others without. So, if a clean shave is your thing, go for the ones without the pubic hair. However, if you are a bush lover, you can choose the ones with pubic hair.

In addition to this, a sex robot's vagina can be detachable. Although you can't get sexually transmitted infections from sex robots, you can catch some germs if you're not cleaning them.

A sex robot's detachable vagina helps you to get it thoroughly cleaned without any leftovers. All you need to do is take it out of the sex robot and clean it with soap and water in the kitchen sink or the bathroom.

Mouth, Teeth, and Tongue

If you fancy oral sex, a sex robot's mouth feature would determine if you buy the robot or not. We have created our Sex Robot's mouths with soft silicone, semi-firm, and tongues tender for good suction.

Sex robots without artificial intelligence can perform oral sex with their mouth, teeth, and tongue on your phallus. Our AI Sex Robots can not, as the mouth is mechanized.

Boobs, Nipples, and Butts

Most of Sex robot manufacturers are huge on creating robots with large firm boobs and nipples, as they appeal more to buyers.

However, at My Sex Robot, we want to make sure that every man can find the girlfriend of his dreams, so we created bodies with large boobs, but also with small boobs.

All our bodies are customisable, so if big boobs don't appeal to you, you can order a body with smaller breasts.

Usually, sex robots have more petite butts than boobs. However, if you fancy butts over boobs, we have some bodies that you will love, and we also can customise your sex robot to suit your needs.



We always try to create sex robots to look more like human female partners. There are sex robots of various heights: you may have some at five feet two and others as tall as five feet seven. 


What is a sex robot's useful for if it is just limp and cold in your arms ? Although this is not a physical feature, it is an integral part of a sex robot. Sex robots come with pre-installed heaters that spread through their body when they're connected to a socket during sex. This gives the sex robot a feeling akin to a human female partner.

Also, sex robots possess touch sensors that make them react to whatever they are doing. When you touch their nipples or vagina, they can moan, groan and even talk dirty.

In addition to this, sex robots with artificial intelligence have self-lubricating vaginas. Thus, there's no worry about going into a dry plastic vagina or having to use extra lubrication. The self-lubricant ensures that the sex robot's vagina is moist and ready for penetration. You can control the internal heating through a control remote and charger. 

Anus and Other Orifices

Sex robots with artificial intelligence feature anuses and other orifices. If you're into anal sex, there is a hole in the robot's butt for you.

Sex Robot Aesthetics

It is not enough to make a robot that can only give ultimate sexual pleasure. Does it appeal that way to all men ? The aesthetic aspect of a robot is really important, since you will wake up next to her in the morning. Here are some aesthetic features that sex robots possess :

The Eyes
Sex robots eyes come in different sultry shapes and sizes. But, again, this depends on your desired customisation. They possess different eye colors : blue, brown, black, etc.

If you don't want to customise, you can browse through this website to search for the model with your preferred eye color.

Fingernails and toenails
Clean well-manicured nails ooze off a sensual appeal, and this is one of the major aesthetic features of a sex robot. A sex robot has beautiful fingernails and toenails.

Also, it comes with a spare set of nail glue, fingernails, and toenails in its kit. So, if you break a nail by accident, you can replace it with an extra from the set.

The type of lipstick a sex robot puts on determines how many people would have her attention. Usually, we opt for a bright red lipstick which gives off the sultry accent.

A sex robot's clothes consists primarily using lingeries and wigs. When ordering, you can request extra lingeries and different wigs. These wigs come in different colors, ranging from blue to green, presenting to you a vast option to choose from. 
In addition to this, you get a user guide, cleaning kit, chargers, adaptors, and a free do-it-yourself programming application. 

How Do Sex Robots Work ? How A Sex Robot Works

A sex robot is more advanced than a sex doll. Your Sex robot will give you complete pleasure and also serve as a companion to you at home. She can also just say "hello" and make simple conversations.

She can read you poetry, or even tell jokes. As your speak to her, your sex robot will be able to remember some key phrases you said. Through interactive conversation, she will learn more about their owners and hold conversations with them.

During sex, sex robots can moan, groan and scream. They can also stand, sit and crawl. You can personalise your sex robot as soon as you place an order. For example, you can choose its eye color, hair color, vagina, and height.

Also, sex robots work in different ways. They give oral sex, and they can ride you in more than twenty different sex positions. 

How To Use a Sex Robot ?/How To Use Sex Robots ?

Using a sex robot is no big deal as it's something you can do on your own.

How To Have Sex With A Robot

To get it all ready for sex, read the user's guide included in your sex robot kit for help. Also, you can watch the videos on this website to see sex robots practically in action.

How To Care For A Sex Robots 

Caring for a sex robot basically means keeping it clean and ensuring that it is functioning properly. Most sex robots with artificial intelligence on the market today come with detachable parts you can take out to clean.

The first thing to do is turn off the charger of your sex robot before detaching their part to clean. Next, place the detachable parts under running water and clean with soap as well. After this, mop its body with a towel and let it air dry.

Sex Robot Storage

If you're single and you don't mind, you can leave your sex robot to stand or sit in your room all day long. However, if you're a family person, you can detach and store it in a storage box. Always store it at ambiant temperature.

Who Can Use Sex Robots?

We prefer to refer to our creations as more than just  sex machines, but also a solution to loneliness, anxiety and depression. A Sex Robot can be super usefull in that sense, especially if you are part of one of the following categories :

If you are a Widower

To deal with loneliness and replace the love one who past away, having a sex robot that can talk and keep good company can be a truly good idea. 

We received super happy reviews of some of our customers who are in this situation, and they say there's nothing better than coming home to your house and find a companion that will always be here for you.

People In Long Distance Relationship

Sex has more often than not been a problem in long-distance relationships. This is because both partners are in different states due to work or some other responsibilities.

To ease off the sexual tension, people in long-distance relationships can utilise sex robots. It's not cheating if it's sex with a robot, right ?

People Seeking To Improve Sexual Skills

No one gets knowledge in a day, and this saying is true. However, your sex partner may not be willing to hear proverbs if you're not satisfying them in bed. Women are more and more exigent these days, and very few women will allow a sexually naive man to use them to improve sexual skills.

Sex robots are for those looking to improve their sexual skills patiently and without judgment. With sex robots, you can try out as many sex positions as you want. Also, you can learn other important skills such as lasting longer in bed.

Those Who Are Not Monogamous

Despite the prevalence of monogamy in today's society, many non-monogamous people are existing. Since open relationships still end up with troubles despite their status.

People who are non-monogamous can take advantage of sex robots. They can buy up to three sex robots and fulfill their non-monogamous fantasies with them.

Unlike human female partners, sex robots never get jealous of each other nor tear out each other's challenges. So, the non-monogamous man has peace in his house.

People Who Are Not Ready for Human Relationships

It's okay not to fancy human relationships. If you are such, you can still get sex and find companionship in a sex robot. Unlike human female partners, a sex robot doesn't dictate to you, cling to you, or do all that other irritating stuff they call love. You get a breathing space because no one is intruding on your privacy.

People Who Want To Experiment

Sometimes, the reason is not deep. People just want to experiment and know what it feels like to have sex with an inanimate object. Sex robots won't say no to experimenting, and will please any of your fantasies without any judgment.

Socially awkward people

Social awkwardness can hurt a person's sex life. Even if you have good bedroom skills, the shyness continues to get in the way of showing them. Hence, the need for sex robots. Sex robots don't make their owners feel small or out of place. Socially awkward people can always be true to themselves with sex robots. 


Now, you know how a sex robot works and how to use sex robots. It's time to take a leap of faith and try one, you can check our collection of Sex Robots and AI Sex Robots to see our most famous models.

Feel free to contact us by chat, mail or phone if you have any questions or want a customisation that is not on the site.

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