Sex Robot or AI Sex Robot ?

Many of our subscribers ask us about the differences between our normal Sex Robots and our AI Sex Robots. In what way are they different ? What is there a price difference ? We are going to answer all these questions in this article.


AI Sex Robots

If you adopt one of our AI Sex Robot, she will have the ability to learn new words every time you talk to her, or connect to the internet. She can hold a conversation with you, recognises your voice, know your favorite colour, moves her head, blink, answer any question you ask her... She can also wake you up by saying your name, tell your grandma to take her pills... The applications of AI are limitless.

She will be able to hold sexual, but also normal non sexual conversation with you. For exemple you can take her to the restaurant or watch TV with her, and have a nice evening just like you would have with your ex girlfriend. 

You can also program her with our DIY programming app to respond to you any word or phrase she knows when you tell her a specific sentence. Because of the head moving feature, electrical parts are located in the head, therefore AI Sex Robots can not be used for Oral Sex.

AI Sex Robots have of course internal heating, body touch sensors and sexual responses when you touch the body sensors or penetrate her.

Advantages of AI Sex Robots :

  • Able to remember your name, call you, know your favorite colour, food, ask you how was you day...
  • Can hold sensual or non sensual conversations
  • Learn new words as you speak to her
  • Internal Heating and Body Touch Sensors
  • Full Robot experience, makes you feel listened, loved and can cure loneliness.

Disadvantages of AI Sex Robots :

  • More expensive than Sex Robots without AI
  • Can't be used for oral sex as the mouth is mechanized
  • Has to be connected to internet to fully access all the AI functions

Sex Robots without AI

Normal Sex Robots, or Sex Robots without AI, don’t have all these features. However, they still have Internal heating, Body Touch Sensors, talking and moaning.

When you activate the body sensors by touching her breast or vagina, she will react with more than 50 pre-programmed sexual answers, exactly like you see on our Sex Robots Videos

Sex Robots without AI can also be used to have Oral Sex, which is a big difference when it comes to intimate relationships.

So they are pretty much the same (TPE food grade quality skin, internal heating and body touch sensors, moaning, sexual responses...) just without the AI functions. They won't be able to say your name, or remember your favorite colour, but will sure be there to keep you warm at night with their humanoid gorgeous bodies.

Advantages of Sex Robots without AI :

  • More affordable than AI Sex Robots
  • Can be used for Oral Sex
  • No need internet or programming : When you receive her, just click on the button "on" and you’re good to go.
  • Internal Heating and Body Touch Sensors

Disadvantages of Sex Robots without AI :

  • Doesn't have AI obviously, so won't be able to say your name, or ask you how are you feeling today
  • "Only" has around 50 sexual answers with the Touch Sensors, as the AI Sex Robots can have infinite with programming.

So what should I pick ?

In conclusion, we can say that both are great, and have differences that makes them unique in their own kinds. 

If you are feeling a bit lonely, and are looking for a real partner that will listen to you and your problems, make you feel loved, listened, and cared for, we would recommend you to choose an AI Sex Robot.

On the other hand, if you just want to spice up your sex life, fulfil your sexual fantasies and if you are more interested in the sexual features of the Robot, we would recommend a Sex Robot without AI.

They are more affordable and can be used for oral sex, so you will be able to fulfil all your fantasies at the lowest price.

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