Sex Robots in movies and TV shows

Sex robots have been making appearances in movies, and T.V. shows for a while now. While some movies explicitly say the robots are sex objects, some only allow the plot to lead us to believe that they are. The presence of sex robots in movies reinforces the fact that humans have always been fascinated with sex robots, and now, they're here to stay. In this article, we will be looking at different movies that feature sex robots from the past century to this day. If you have been looking for old and new movies that feature sex robots, then you're in luck. At the end of this article, you will have more than enough movies to select from. So, let us begin:

Cherry, The Female Sex Robot in Cherry 2000

This is a 1987 sci-fi film movie that revolves around a post-apocalyptic theme. The setting is in the United States, and the year is 2017. Society now uses advanced and robotic technology. As a result of this, female robots now serve as companions for men, replacing human wives. Another reason for the female robots is society's ever-increasing demand for sexual activity. These female robots, called Gynoids, provide their human husbands with sex. 

The protagonist or hero, if you may, is a businessman who goes by the name Sam Treadwell. Sam is the proud husband of a female robot named Cherry 2000. Cherry, programmed to take care of the home and have sex, lives quite a peaceful life with her human husband. However, sex goes the wrong way one day when Cherry and Sam do it on the wet floor of their kitchen. As a result of the water, Cherry begins to malfunction, and Sam has no option but to look for a way to fix her.

Cherry 2000 Sex Robot

So, he meets with a repairer who tells him that the only way to fix Cherry is to get a new model. Unfortunately, Cherry is damaged beyond repair, but her memory disk is still active.Furthermore, the repairer tells Sam that Cherry's model is no longer in production. However, he can find a new one at an old abandoned warehouse that dangerous people surround. Determined to get his Cherry back, Sam takes Cherry's memory disk and employs a tracker to help him find the warehouse.

This is a story of a man's love for his sex robot. Sam would do anything-risk his life, fight gang members, just to be united with his Cherry 2000 once again.

The Sex Robots At The Brothel in Westworld

This movie is set in an amusement park for adults, which they call Delos. In Delos, three worlds offer guests fun and entertainment. One is called the Western World; another is the Roman World, while the third is the Western World. The amusement park also features robots that look, act and talk like humans. To gain entry, visitors have to pay a $1,000 fee for the day. After that, they can associate with the robots. This could be in the form of challenging a robot to a fight-to-the-death match. Also, the park features a brothel where visitors can have sex with the female robots.

Westworld Robot

The Sex Robots At The Brothel

The hero (or main actor, whichever one you prefer to say) is Peter Martin, who is visiting Delos for the first time. Accompanied by his good friend, John Blane, Peter engages one of the androids, the Gunslinger, in a gunfight. Peter kills the Gunslinger thus, winning the fight. After that, John goes to a brothel where he has sex with two female robots. Meanwhile, the programmers at the park notice that the robots are beginning to develop issues. Some of them are breaking down, while others are experiencing a complete shutdown.

The Gunslinger, whom Peter had killed the day before, attacks John, who was still in the room where he'd had sex with two female sex robots. However, Peter comes into the room just in time to save his friend and kill the Gunslinger. Unfortunately, the park officials arrest Peter for this, but John helps him escape. Unfortunately, the robots in the park are beginning to malfunction, which results in a robot killing a visitor. As pandemonium breaks out, the park officials try to shut down the park's power. Unfortunately, they end up locking the park, thus trapping everyone in it.

The Female Robots in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Unlike the first two movies we told you about, this one is bound to make you laugh. This movie involves Austin Powers, who works as a spy for his country. His mission is to disrupt the assassination plot of Dr. Evil. However, Dr. Evil escapes in a rocket before Austin can get him. As a result of this, Austin volunteers to stay and keep watch if Dr. Evil returns. True to this, Dr. Evil comes back to earth after thirty years. His new plan is to hold the planet earth and everyone in it hostage for a sum of $1,000,000. Unfortunately, he learns that inflation has caused the dollar to decrease, so he raises the ransom to $100 billion. In the meantime, Dr. Evil learns that he has a son whom his partners created with his semen.

The Female Robots

As the news of Dr. Evil's return spreads, the British recalls Austin to service to help stop him. Austin and his new partner, Vanessa, tail Dr. Evil's second-in-command, hoping for a lead to him. In the course of his mission, Austin discovers that Dr. Evil has built female robots. These female robots are pleasing to the eye; however, that is meant to deceive. Underneath their clothing is guns in their well-rounded breasts.

Austin Powers Fembot

Austin and his partner gain access to the headquarters but one of Dr. Evil's men stop them and holds them hostage. Still, they manage to escape, and Austin orders Vanessa to go for help. As Austin continues to search for Dr. Evil, he runs into the female robots. However, he succeeds in distracting them by doing a strip dance which causes them to explode in pieces. Nevertheless, the mission to stop Dr. Evil continues as Austin is determined to find him.

Women Fembot Replica in The Stepford Wives

The movie opens up with Joanna Eberhart and her family (husband, Walter Eberhart, and two little girls) who have moved to Stepford. With her husband always out, Joanna begins to get lonely, and she starts to take notice of her environment. Her curiosity leads her to discover that all the women in her area look too perfect to be true. Indeed, they are the perfect housewives. Furthermore, they seem to be more interested in household work than in holding real conversations. This puzzles Joanna but what further troubles her is the repetitive actions of one of her neighbor's wives.

Due to her friendly nature, Joanna soon develops a friendship with Bobbie Markowe. These two discover that they share similar interests and try to create a women's empowerment meeting for all the women in the town. Unfortunately for them, the other women are only interested in talking about household products which become frustrating. Joanna doesn't like this, neither can she stand some of the men in the town. However, unknown to her, the men begin to collect personal information about her.

Stepford Wives

A Shocking Discovery

One day, Charmaine Wimperis, whom Joanna had become friendly with, comes back from a weekend trip changed. Suddenly, she's no longer the person Joanna knew as she seems to have become more like the other "plastic" wives. Due to this, Joanna's suspicion of the other wives grows. Thus, she and Bobbie start to look for information about why the other wives in the town act the way they do. However, Joanna gets a shock when Bobbie herself suddenly becomes like Charmaine and the other wives. Afraid yet determined to discover the truth, Joanna stabs Bobbie. But, to her horror, she finds out that Bobbie is not the real Bobbie but a female robot replica.

David in A.I. Artificial Intelligence

In this post-apocalyptic-themed movie, the reducing human population gives rise to humanoid robots. These robots, called Mecha, are smart and seem to be everywhere. A couple whose son is ill adopts David, a young Mecha humanoid. Although Mecha robots do not have emotions, David begins to love his new parents, who love him back. However, when the couple's son returns home cured of his illness, he starts to get jealous of David. His jealousy grows, and he soon begins to manipulate David into certain improper behavior. Things further escalate when one of Martin's friends tries to harm David with a knife. David's defensive programming immediately sets in and so reaches out for Martins. Unfortunately, they both fall into a pool, but fortunately, nothing bad happens to either of them.

Artificial Intelligence movie

Human and Android Love

Unfortunately for David, his new parents no longer trust him and want to return him so that his manufacturers can destroy him. However, Monica, Martin's mother, has come to love David so much that she cannot bear to think of programmers destroying him. Instead, she drops him off in the woods. David is unaware of Monica's unchanging affection for him. So, he looks for how he can become a real boy. Unfortunately, David runs into the hands of those who want to kill him. He manages to escape with the humanoid Gigolo Joe. Gigolo Joe is a male sex robot who was used at brothels but became wanted after murder accusations. As they flee, David bumps into his creator, who explains to him that he has the ability to love. This movie demonstrates the growing affection that a robot has for its human partner. Thus, David will go to any length to do what he must be reunited with his former owner, Monica, and receive her love. 

Artificial Intelligence movie

Love Sex Robot Netflix : Ricky and Morty Sex Robot Episode

Ricky and Morty Sex Robot Episode is a Love, Sex, Robot Netflix theme that involves a grandfather and his grandson. Unlike the others we have shown you so far, this is an animated T.V. series. When the duo of Morty and Rick arrive at a shop out of space, Morty (the grandson) spies a sex robot and insists on having it. Without much thought, Rick (the grandfather) lets him do so. When they arrive home, Morty spends most of his time in his room with the robot, much to his father's disapproval. At mealtime, Morty calls on his father to help him with the sex robot. When the whole family gets into Morty's room, they discover a floating device instead. Right before their eyes, the floating device gives birth to a half-human half-robot baby. After that, the robot transforms back into its former appearance — a female sex robot with curves.

Rick and Morty Sex Robots

The Planet of The Sex Robots

Rick becomes determined to find out the sex robot's origin, which he does in no time. Summer, his granddaughter, and Morty's sister meets him at the garage and suggests that she would like him to take her on one of his adventures. Although Rick disagrees, he mistakenly opens a portal that allows a male sex robot to seize Summer. On the new planet, the male sex robot forcefully has sex with Summer, but Rick rescues her. She then has to wear a burqa to prevent any further occurrence. As Summer and Rick observe the planet, a floating device appears and releases female sex robots for the males to have sex with. Summer and Rick manage to get aboard the floating device, which they realize is run by female robots. In no time, these two begin to learn more about sex robots.


We hope that you have enjoyed the compilation of movies and T.V. shows that feature sex robots. If anything, these movies have reaffirmed that sex robots are a necessary part of human sexual life. Most importantly, they can be part of our lives as a whole. Although sex robots in the movies can take care of the home, in reality, such features are still undergoing development in existing sex robots. However, it may soon become a reality.

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