What are the most expensive Sex Robots in the world ?

Without a doubt, sex robots are now more popular than ever. Since they came onto the market in 2010, they have made sales spanning millions of dollars and continue to do so. Indeed, the sex robot industry is currently worth about thirty billion dollars ($30 000,000,000). But, you may wonder: How much is a sex robot? Well, a simple Google search will reveal that sex robots cost between five thousand dollars ($5,000) and twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). However, we know that that is not adequate information as sex robots are more expensive due to their features.

Thus, we will be showing you the most expensive sex robots in the world and why they sell at that price. Alternatively, we will be showing you where you can get quality sex robots for a more affordable price:

So, How Much Does A Sex Robot Cost?

How much is a sex robot? Like we've stated before, what you'll randomly find on Google are prices between five thousand dollars ($5,000) and twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). However, we have done our research to present to you the most expensive sex robots in the world.

The Unnamed Robot

In 2019, a robot appeared side by side with Whitney Cummings, the female comedian. Interestingly, this robot looked so much like her that if you didn't know it was a robot, you might have mistaken it for her twin. The sex robots' facial features, height, hair, etc., caused us to research how much it cost. Well, we discovered that this particular sex robot cost a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

Whitney Cummings Sex Robot

According to the company that produced it, it was their most expensive sex robot yet. No wonder the robot looked exactly like its owner.
Now, we know that the primary purpose of sex robots is to give pleasure. However, they can imitate other human gestures. After Whitney Cummings introduced her lookalike sex robot during her comedy show, she went on to bring it to Joe Rogan's podcast. During the podcast, the host, Joe Rogan, asked the robot some questions to which she replied. As we expected, Joe Rogan was uncomfortable at first with a sex robot that could answer his questions, but he soon got used to it.

Click here to watch Joe Rogan talking to a Sex Robot.

Interestingly, the company has received an overwhelming number of orders since Whitney Cummings revealed her one hundred-thousand-dollar ($100,000) robot. What is more, people have asked the company to produce the exact type of robot. However, that goes against the company's policy. According to reports, Whitney was involved in the creative process of her lookalike robot and so owned the exclusive right. Thus, the company denied requests to place orders for Whitney's lookalike sex robot.

Roxxxy Sex Robot Price

Roxxxy is one of the world's most expensive sex robots. In January 2010, her creator Douglas Hines, introduced her to the world. Reports have it that the project for Roxxxy's development cost between five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) to one million dollars ($1,000,000). Again, according to reports, the company received over four thousand pre-orders for this doll. This happened soon after Douglas Hines unveiled Roxxxy to the public.

What then is this sex robot's price? As of 2010, when she newly appeared on the scene, Roxxxy cost between seven thousand dollars ($7,000) to nine thousand dollars ($9,000). Also, buyers would pay a separate subscription fee, but the company did not state how much. However, we know that nothing beats having your personal sex robot customized to suit your taste. Roxxy's price could be as high as seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000). What are the sex robot's features? What does Roxxy possess that makes her this expensive? Let us take a look at these.

Roxxy Sex Robot

Roxxxy's Features

As at the time of her revelation, Roxxxy measured up to 5 feet 7 inches. She weighs 120 pounds, that is, 54kg. Of course, Roxxxy can have sex and even give her owner pleasure. Her skin comes from synthetic material, and she had artificial intelligence that allows her to learn what her owner likes or dislikes. Even though Roxxxy cannot move her arms and legs, she does have an articulated skeleton that allows her owner to manipulate her into any position they want. Internally, Roxxxy has a cooling system that reduces her temperature after a romp session. According to her creator, they had a Caucasian model pose to be able to create Roxxxy's female curves.

Apart from sex, Roxxxy can hold a conversation and speak to her owner. Also, she has different personalities that could respond to your advances based on which one you choose. You need to note that she has touch sensors that let her know when someone touches her. Thus she can speak to you when you do. There is the Mature Martha personality for personalities, which allows Roxxxy to be open and receptive to your advances. For instance, Roxxxy will allow you to hold her hand and communicate that to you lovingly when this personality is on. Then, the Frigid Farrah personality allows being, well, as the name implies, frigid. When this personality is active, Roxxxy becomes resistant to your advances and openly communicates that to you.


With Roxxxy, you can customize the personality that you want or edit a preexisting one to suit your taste. Also, you can add to her vocabulary of words to improve the conversation. When you're done, all you need to is share to her company's website, and your Roxxxy bot receives an upgrade. 

Harmony and The Sex Robot Price

In your search for sex robots on the Internet, you may have heard of the name Harmony. That is because the Harmony sex robot is one of the most popular on the market. Her creator is Matt McMullen, the chief executive officer of Realbotix company. So what is Harmony's price? Well, Harmony costs a standard twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). Her detachable head alone can fit other body sizes, and whose eyes can blink costs about six thousand dollars ($6,000).

As a sex robot, the company designed Harmony to give its owner the highest form of pleasure. According to our research, this sex robot is so lifelike because it possesses an internal heating system that allows its vagina to go warm during sex. In addition to this, the vagina produces its own lubrication, so there is no need for extra lubricant. Also, we would like to mention that its creators made its vagina with soft silicone that allows it to feel like the inside of your mouth. Thus, during a romp session, you don't feel like you're in bed with a lifeless plastic doll. Another thing this sex robot can do is moan and groan during sex. In addition to this, she can climax during intercourse.

Harmony Sex Robot

Besides offering pleasure, Harmony can be a good companion, especially for the lonely. She has inbuilt touch sensors, which allows her to respond to your touches. Also, you can upgrade her vocabulary so that you both can have more conversations. The best part about this is that with time, she will learn many interesting facts about you. This includes but is not limited to your best food, your favourite songs and movies, the name of your company, etc. Also, she can tell jokes and recite a poem if you're a lover of literature.

Harmony's Features

Why is the Harmony sex robot so expensive? What features does she possess that make her so? To start with, the Harmony sex robot is between 4 feet 10 to 5 feet 6 inches tall. In addition to this, she weighs between 27 kg to 40 kg. The color of her eyes is laguna blue, and it is hand-painted, while the color of her hair is blonde or brunette. Harmony possesses a strong memory, as we have stated previously, as she can learn and recollect important facts about her owner. Although her default language comes with a soft Scottish accent, she can speak proper English, French and American English. Harmony is light in complexion and has freckles dotting her face. She can last for as long as fifteen years. However, this depends on how well her owner takes care of her. 

In addition to this, Harmony has many different personalities. This ranges from happy to sad to anger to shyness to jealousy. This makes her all the more lifelike and a perfect companion for her owner.


What's most important is that her owners can customize Harmony to suit their personal tastes. The company offers buyers about forty-two different colors for her nipples, along with fourteen labia options. Most importantly, Harmony's vagina is detachable. This means that you can take out her vagina after a romp session and clean it to prevent the spread of germs. Presently, the company is working on increasing Harmony's features to provide users with the best experience. This is because the Harmony robots available now cannot walk, clean or do any house chores; they can only sit. 

Samantha Sex Robot Cost 

The Samantha sex robot is one of a kind, and this is what makes her pricey. When this sex robot gets tired or her owner mistreats her, all she will do is enter a mode where she won't respond to you. In other words, she becomes still and lifeless. Her creator, Dr Sergi Santos, explained that this mode demonstrates Samantha's human-like abilities. Just like human beings shouldn't allow themselves to accept maltreatment or choose to rest because they're tired, Samantha does the same thing.

Samantha Sex Robot

In addition to this, this mode promotes the message of consensual sex. Samantha can choose when not to have sex, and her owner has no other option but to respect her decision. So, how much does this robot cost? As at the time of her release in 2018, Samantha sold for over five thousand dollars ($5000). Does Samantha have other features that make her a popular commodity? What are they?

Samantha's Features

Presently, Samantha is available in its first version. She possesses about eleven sensors in her vagina, mouth, breasts, hands, face and other parts of her body. When you touch any part of her body where these sensors are present, she responds verbally. For example, if you touch her vagina, she responds with a moan. But, of course, you have to be gentle with that. As we have pointed, Samantha goes into a lifeless mode if you are rough with her. Regarding language, Samantha has over six thousand sentences in her vocabulary. Also, she has a simple memory.

Samantha comes in different forms of interactive mode: romantic mode, sexual mode, entertainment mode, and fun mode. The sexual mode allows Samantha to moan and orgasm during sex. What's good about this is her responses change; she could orgasm slowly or aggressively. When you need someone to have a conversation with, try Samantha. She can tell her owners jokes, even dirty ones, and she talks about animals and science. She also gives pieces of advice.

How Much Does A Sex Robot Cost - Where To Buy Affordable Ones

As we have shown you, these sex robots do so much. However, the drawback is that they cost a lot and may discourage you from buying. There is absolutely no need for you to be discouraged or change your mind about buying a sex robot.

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Sex Robot


Sex robots are here to stay and now more affordable than ever. You can get heightened pleasure with just a thousand dollars. All you need to do is browse through our site and make your purchase. Click here to discover all our Sex Robots.

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