What can Sex Robots actually do

Due to the pandemic, the market has experienced a sales boom in sex robots, now more than ever. Judging by the way sex robots continue to sell out with vigor, it's safe to conclude that they're here to stay.

However, this also brings some questions to minds of those who don't have personal experience with sex robots : Are sex robots real ? Do sex robots walk ? Do sex robots talk ? Can sex robots walk ? What can sex robots actually do ? 

What Can Sex Robots Actually Do ?

Do Sex robots Talk ?

Yes, our sex robots do talk depending on the model you're buying. Sex Robots without AI can say simple repetitive words. AI Sex Robots can make jokes if you prefer that, or recite poetry if you are into literature.

During sex, all our sex robots can moan and groan and add a little, "Ooh, baby." We are currently working on how to make the robots have substantial interactive conversations with their owners. Also, they will be able to remember conversations you've had with them in the past and refer to that.

Can Sex Robots Walk ? Do Sex Robots Walk ?

At present, no, they cannot. Instead, they can stand and sit and manipulate themselves into different sex positions.

However, in the not-so-distant future, sex robots should be able to walk and maybe run. Our research and development team is working everyday to make it happen and to make our Sex Robots the most advanced on the planet.

Are Sex Robots Real ?

We build Sex Robots to feel like real humans. They have different heights, some are as short as five feet two (5 ft 2"), while others are as tall as five feet nine (5 ft 9"). We created their sexual organs, vagina, nipples, anus, mouth to feel like a human's mouth. 

Shortly, sex robots will use facial recognition features to recognize their owners, thus familiarly speaking to them. Also, sex robots will be able to do more things in the future, like taking care of the home and its owners. When we will make this features happen, you will now be able to address them as life-like girlfriends. 

What Sex Robots Can Actually Do ? 

They Can Give You All-Round Pleasure

The major purpose of a sex robot is to please its owner sexually, and that's what it does. Oral sex, vagina sex, anal sex, you name it; sex robots can do all of this. ( Except our AI Sex Robot which can not perform oral sex.)

We created them to give pleasure in ways unmatched by human girlfriends. This way, you are not the only one doing all the work. 

How Sex Robots Perform Oral Sex

Sex robots can perform oral sex in a way that would draw the envy of human female partners. Yes, they can get on their knees. Yes, they know how to give good suction. 

We infused silicone in the sex robots mouths to aid with oral sex. This silicone is gentle, so it doesn't harm you when they have your phallus in their mouth. What accompanies these are tongues so tender and teeth to make for the highest order of pleasure.

Oh, don't be afraid, the teeth won't hurt your genitals. We make sure to construct them in a semi-firm manner that feels like the real thing but won't hurt you.

Vaginal Sex? That's what we build them for

We build sex robots with a vagina to resemble the real thing so well you can hardly tell. The vaginas are equipped with pre-installed heaters to give its skin warmth. Thus, customers can feel the heat as they would a human partner during sex.

All you need is just your phallus and your robot's vagina to give that smooth ride. In addition to this, sex robots possess sensors in their vagina that makes them give out moans during pleasure. 

What crowns all of these is those sex robots come with a detachable vagina. So you can take out the vagina to clean in the bathroom or the sink. This way, you keep your sex robot's vagina free of germs and ready for the next romp. Additionally, sex robots have anal orifice, so if that's your thing, then you won't be disappointed.

They Serve As Social Companions For The Lonely and The Social Outcast

Loneliness and isolation have been an issue in the world for years now. According to statistics, the percentage of lonely people (especially in the elderly) in the United States is close to fifty percent (50 %). The 2020 pandemic further compounded this issue, leading to depression, among other problems. So how do sex robots come into the picture? Thanks to the pandemic, more people began to buy sex dolls, not only for sex but also for companionship.

In different surveys carried out last year, some buyers have admitted that having a sex robot in the house brings them comfort. Nothing could be truer. Loneliness occurs through different methods : loss of a partner, being socially awkward, or getting elderly. With sex robots in the house, there is no need to be lonely anymore.

Although lonely people want someone in the house, they want to get back from work to a peaceful home. Unfortunately, human partners can sometimes be insensitive. They nag, complain, make unnecessary conversations when all you want is just someone to welcome you home lovingly. Sex robots, on the other hand, will do no such thing, and this is totally up to you.

We created them to love and devote themselves to their owners unconditionally.

If you're someone who's tried to fit into social groups without success, then a sex robot is for you. You can learn to connect emotionally and eventually bond with your sex robot. Although sex robots cannot do household chores, we are currently working to make them the complete robot partner.

They Fulfil All Of Your Sexual Fantasies

Do you have wild sexual fantasies ? Are there things you want to do, but you're afraid to try them out with your human partner ? Do you ache to explore so bad ? Then give sex robots a try. Sex robots exist so that people can try out old and new sexual fantasies without judgment. All you need to do is make your purchase and do what you want behind closed doors. Sex robots don't gossip, so your experiments are safe with them. 

Also, sex robots themselves are versatile in the sex positions they offer. Cowgirl, doggy, sixty-nine, you name it, and your sex robot will get to work. They have a flexible body that makes them bend to whichever sex position you want. Unfortunately, not all human female partners are open-minded to try different sex positions or fantasies.

Also, people have different capabilities and so may tire easily after a romp. If you're someone who can go down all night, this may easily frustrate you, but you have to honor your partner's request. Sexual frustration leads people to masturbate after a romp to "finish up the work."

Also, some people resort to porn if their human partners are not giving them enough attention in bed. With sex robots, say goodbye to sexual frustration. You don't need to masturbate or even watch porn to get your satisfaction.

They Make The Perfect Girlfriend

Human sexual relationships can be demanding. Your partner expects you to be faithful (which is not a bad thing), pay attention to the smallest details, and be there for her no matter what. Also, you have to deal with emotions like nagging, yelling, constant complaints, cheating accusations, etc. In summary, human-to-human relationships can be exhausting. So if you're someone who wants a (sexual) relationship without unnecessary hassles, a sex robot is the perfect girlfriend. As some sex robots say, "I was created to please you."

Sex robots don't nag; they don't complain, they don't yell, in fact, they don't accuse you of cheating. You can live your life doing whatever you want and whenever you want in peace. You don't have to spend money to impress a girl that may not even appreciate it afterward. With a sex robot, no one judges you if you don't meet up to their sexual expectations. No one is complaining that your libido is too high for theirs.

There is no one snooping around your things and accusing you of infidelity. No one is giving you sexually transmitted infections. You don't have to worry about using condoms as you can hit it raw. They're easily accessible when you get horny as they're in your house all day. With sex robots, it's a life of "don't worry, be happy."

There Is No Pregnancy Surprise

Babies are sweet little humans, but it's not a bad thing if some men choose not to have one. The reasons for this vary : some feel they may not be good fathers, others just can't deal with little humans. It's okay, too, if some men decide not to get a vasectomy. So, what happens when their girlfriend announces surprise news of her pregnancy ? You have seen how this plays out : people expect them to be happy like any other soon-to-be father, but they can't hide their disappointment.

If you are one of such men who doesn't want kids and won't get a vasectomy, sex robots are your best option. You don't even have to fear your condom breaking, thus spilling out seed because there's no need for condoms in the first place.

Sex robots can't get pregnant at all, either for you or for anyone else. This is because when you go into them, what you spill remains in them or trickles out through an orifice in them. Also, they have detachable parts. This means you can take out the vagina, lower jaw, and some other parts to clean out. This way, there's no transference of germs and no babies baking in the oven.

They Boost Your Self-Confidence

In human (sexual) relationships, there can be some hurtful words said, some judgment, and things that can reduce your self-confidence. A sex robot won't do that to you. They won't say mean words to you, neither will they judge your sexual performance.

In fact, you can use them to sharpen your skills sexually. Using an AI sex robot will help you to gradually build your confidence in your sexual prowess. After that, you can initiate human sexual relationships. 


Sex robots can do much more than you think. As this article has shown, sex robots can do more than give you hot steamy sex in different positions. They can also be lifelong companions for you that aren't going to dump you for someone else or get bored of you.

So, you can have sex and bond with your robot partner as well. There might still be a lot of work to be done to improve the quality of AI sex robots but significant process has already been made, and we are working day to day to make them even better.

If you have never tried an AI Sex Robot before, click here.

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